Salaries Within Digital Marketing - How Much Can You Make?


As the world of digital media continues to grow, its no wonder that digital marketing is a lucrative career field with a wide range of areas for specialization. Securing a digital marketing degree is a good step towards acceptance into any related position. But once you get your degree, there are multiple possibilities that can be a good fit for almost any combination of interests, personality type, and strengths. To follow are descriptions and salary ranges in the growing field of digital media.

Digital marketing jobs by market share

According to a 2014-2015 Mondo report, Front-end Developers (26%), Mobile App Developers (13%), and eCommerce developers (12%) account for a combined 51% of digital marketing jobs.

Marketing Operations Managers (11%), SEO/SEM Specialists (9%), and Research & Analytics specialists (8%) follow in that order, with Social Media and Content Creation tied at (6%). Wrapping up the top-ten list are Creative Service specialists (5%), and Executives (4%)

Earnings by position


The best paid in the industry, digital marketing executives are responsible for online brand strategy and management, working tirelessly to develop and maintain integrated marketing communication plans and executing various aspects of digital communication to support branded marketing activities. Apart from a digital marketing degree, candidates typically have a successful track record and extensive hands-on experience to become digital marketing executives.

Chief Digital Officers with an annual median salary of $210,000 take home the most money with those working at bigger companies earning up to $280,000 per year. Chief Marketing Technologists and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) who earn $185,000 and $180,000 respectively are the next best paid executives.

Creative Services & Production

These are mostly creative professionals who help the company with tasks such as infographics design, graphics design, visual design, web design and design of PowerPoint and other presentations.

In this category, Directors of Creative Services with a median salary of $122,000 are the best paid. Interactive Designers ($94,000), Director of Arts ($91,000), Managers of Production ($91,000), and Package Designers ($89,000) are the next best paying positions.

Design and interactive

This is where you find Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) specialists as well as UX and UI designers. Web and Big Data analysts, Flash developers, Mobile App developers, and Community Managers are also found in this category.

With regards to salaries, the best paid in the group are Directors of Ecommerce ($146,000) followed by Directors of SEO/SEM ($138,000), UI/UX Architects ($134,000), Information Architects & Mobile App Developers ($128,000), and UI/UX Developers ($118,000) in that order.

Content Creation and Social Media

These professionals are concerned with content marketing and social media engagement. They oversee creation, editing, and publishing of blog posts, web content, and social media posts. Professionals in this category therefore include Social Media Directors, Content Managers, Copywriters, Copy Editors, Social Media Managers, and Technical/web content writers/editors among others.

Digital Content Strategists ($105,000), Content Managers ($81,000), Social Media Managers and Technical Writers ($76,000), and Web Content Writers ($74,000) are the best paying jobs in the category.

Overall, the outlook of the digital marketing industry is very positive. With a digital marketing degree and the right skill set, finding a rewarding career with excellent compensation is truly achievable. 

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