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What’s Next in Marketing by the Pioneer of Marketing, Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler

Marketing Guru and Professor, Philip Kotler, is the author of Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control, one of the best marketing textbooks for budding marketers all across the world. If you ask any passionate marketing student about this book they will give you at least 10 concepts that they learned and still remember from the book.

The Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy in Today’s World

Digital Marketing Strategy‌‌‌‌

According to a SmartInsights report, 67% of marketers were not utilizing digital channels in 2012. That number has shrunk to just 44% in 2016, which is quite commendable. This shows that marketers are realizing the significance of digital marketing and taking steps to tap into its huge potential.

How Ad Agencies are Adapting to Digital Marketing

Ad Agencies‌‌‌‌

According to its latest annual Entertainment & Media Outlook report, PwC predicts that digital marketing will finally overtake traditional advertising over the next three years.

What You Should Do to Prepare for a Career in Digital Marketing


Currently one of the hottest marketing careers around, digital marketing is quickly becoming a goldmine. Not only are professionals in the industry paid handsomely, but a majority of them appear to thoroughly enjoy their careers. In fact, according to a recent Forbes report, digital marketers enjoy the greatest work-life balance.

Salaries Within Digital Marketing - How Much Can You Make?


As the world of digital media continues to grow, its no wonder that digital marketing is a lucrative career field with a wide range of areas for specialization. Securing a digital marketing degree is a good step towards acceptance into any related position. But once you get your degree, there are multiple possibilities that can be a good fit for almost any combination of interests, personality type, and strengths. To follow are descriptions and salary ranges in the growing field of digital media.

What are the different specializations within the digital marketing field?

Digital Marketing Speciliazations

The world wide web has become part of our daily lives, and this booming industry is still growing. With this growth comes an increasing demand for digital marketing, since that is where customers spend a large portion of their time. Companies of all sizes are clamoring to take advantage of this growth, so opportunities in this sector are superb. The potential is huge for individuals wanting to forge a career in this field, and it is never too soon to prepare for success.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional: What’s Right For You?

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing‌‌

If you're an undergraduate wrapping up your degree, you're probably already looking for your postgrad job. Or, maybe you're someone thinking about a career change after several years as a professional. Either way, if you're about to dive into the marketing world, there are a few things you'll want to consider first.