MK 689 Digital Marketing Capstone Project

MK 689 Digital Marketing Capstone Project Description

Students wishing to pursue the capstone project option must:

  • select a topic as well as
  • select an Advisor from the faculty teaching in the program and then
  • turn in a proposal regarding the topic to the Advisor by November 15 for the Spring semester, February 1 for the Late Spring semester and April 15 for the Fall semester. 

The faculty advisor will review the proposal and decide if it is acceptable. Once accepted, the proposal and the name of the advisor have to be submitted to the Program Director.

Registration for the course is done via independent study paperwork (available via email from Ms. Sue Kanuch, our department assistant, reachable at

The advisor and the Program Director have to sign the paperwork and submit it to Registrar’s. The Advisor retains the last page of the form to turn in the final grade upon completion of the project.

Requirements for the Project Proposal

Graduate students must submit a proposal that describes the project they want to pursue. The proposal should address the following issues:

  • The managerial issue being addressed
  • Scope and description of the project
  • Proposed timeline
  • What deliverable(s) will result from the project?
  • How does the project relate to the field of digital marketing?

Project Requirements

The project proposal must be approved before work on the actual project begins. In addition, if working with a client, a statement of work should be signed by the client and student .

The statement of work should include, at a minimum:

  • A description of the project
  • Resources, information and/or contacts required from the client
  • Deliverables to be provided by the student
  • A project timeline, including milestones and completion deadlines.

At the conclusion of the project, the student must submit to the mentoring professor:

  • A written document detailing how the project was completed
  • Any deliverables and artifacts included in the project
  • A project evaluation form completed by the client or supervisor
  • Any supplemental documentation related to the project

The student may be asked to present the completed project to a committee or open session.