MBA Student Experience

"The Welch College of Business provides not only the framework for business, ethics, and leadership principles, but also the practical insight that applies to today’s environment. The program offers more than fundamentals; it offers a rich and collaborative environment where perspectives are incorporated into a diverse curriculum."
~Giacomo Carroccia, Vice President of Operations, KenCast, Inc.

"What I like best about the new Welch MBA program is how it is completely focused on the individual. The Professional Planning course encouraged us to take a much deeper look at our strengths and weaknesses and what we would like to achieve from the Welch MBA. I had to set specific objectives for myself and delve into how I would use the MBA program to accomplish them. I am looking forward to taking more courses in the program that will not only challenge me and help me achieve my professional goals, but will also help me achieve my personals goals. I believe that the program’s unique courses will turn me into a more dynamic and confident leader."
~Colleen Gaffney, Production Coordinator, News America Marketing

"The Welch MBA program has allowed for exposure to many facets that the modern day business professional faces every day. By diving into various case studies as well as practical applications of the concepts learned, the Welch MBA prepares any aspiring manager for many of the challenges that they will encounter throughout their careers. In addition the networking opportunities and career services that are provided by the Jack Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University are particularly useful for anyone looking for new employment. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to grow and Challenge themselves in their professional careers."
~Craig Garvey, Commercial Loan Portfolio Analyst, GE Capital

"Sacred Heart University and the experience that it has given me over the past four years, especially during the MBA program, have produced new opportunities and new relationships. However, the most important preparation has been for what is yet to come. I cannot thank the professors and the advisors that I have had the pleasure to interact with enough for the time they have spent in making this journey worthwhile. I am so honored and grateful to have been a part of this community."
~Kathleen Mallack, Account Executive, Universal McCann

"The new Welch MBA program far exceeded my expectations. I was able to use my real world career insight along with the principles taught in our classes to develop a professional plan to enhance my career. The core classes gave students the opportunity to think and act as you do in the real world by expanding our critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Direct interaction with our professors and peers really helped me to achieve success in the new program."
~Jodi Olinsky, Consolidation Accountant, IBM
“The new Welch MBA program at the Jack Welch College of Business at Sacred Heart University is a commendably innovative program for students who are looking to be on the fast track to success in their careers. I had the opportunity to be a part of the first graduating class, and I am thrilled to say that it was an amazing experience thus far. At first, I was warily optimistic because the structure of the MBA had changed so radically. There weren’t any students that I could speak with regarding their experiences so that I could make my decision about switching into this program. I believe that the new course structure has really done what it was meant to do, which is to encompass all of the main organizational functions of study into the core part of the degree. I leave this program with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the many different areas of business. I look forward to taking what I have learned and incorporating it into my responsibilities in my professional career.”
~Jackie Rosenberg, Business Analyst, GE Capital

"The MBA experience has been like no other educational experience I have ever been through. Day in and day out we are given the opportunity to learn in a real world environment from people who have been, and are still, very involved in the business world. With this experience and expertise leading the classes, it has made it easy to learn and grow within the program. As an aspiring young professional, the Jack Welch MBA Program has given me the tools and opportunities to jump start my career, and with continued hard work, this program will be the stepping stone to my future successes.”
~Rick Southard, Analyst, GE Asset Management
“I really enjoyed the program. The teachers were amazing, extremely helpful and attentive to our learning. They are always there for extra help .The students were great to meet and work with. I’ve developed into some lifelong relationships which I will cherish.”
~Sharron McFadden, Treasury Management Services, Peoples United Bank

"My experience as a Welch MBA student has not only been an educational challenge, but also a life-changing experience. As students, we spend just as much time working together outside of the classroom as we do in it. In turn we build relationships, apply learned concepts and reach a common goal. Reaching those goals are the greatest rewards as we move through the program together."
~Ashley Chiappetta, Senior Project Analyst, Avon Products, Inc.

"..This is not a training program...Learning is your goal.”
~Professor Stephen Brown

"The MBA program at Sacred Heart University has been an outstanding experience for this ‘mature’ student who started the program following two very successful careers. Dr. Brown’s opening class set the exciting stage for the final class and all the parts in between. The highlights of my 2 ½ years were contained in three categories: Working as a team and all that entailed in making the team successful; Discovering more about myself at this level – both from the students themselves and from the professors who were extremely professional, personal and caring; Developing all the skill sets and disciplines exemplified in the MBA Goals. Because of the challenges this MBA program and its professors provided for me, I’ve increase all of my proficiencies. Our Action Learning Project, working on a ‘real’ institution with real problems that were not part of a textbook or a history to be reviewed and dissected gave us a chance to make a difference and improve a non-profit organization – using all the skills we had been taught and practiced. It was an exciting and rewarding way to end the program! Remarkably, the school, the program and especially the professors exceeded all of my expectations."
~John A. Sayour, CFP, New York Life Insurance Company

"My experience with the MBA program has been a great experience, one that will set me apart from the competition in the future. I am fortunate enough to complete the program in a year and with the help of my classmates and professors this has been possible. The concepts that I have learned will be put to great use as I start a career with PricewaterhouseCoopers starting in the Fall. I am very thankful for my time at Sacred Heart University and look forward to growth of the business school and for what it has to offer future students. "
~Billy Crowe, PricewaterhouseCoopers
"In each course, I was exposed to hard-working people who exhibited professionalism and desire to learn. A broad mix of backgrounds, ranging from fifth-year, full-time students, to seasoned professionals, made the learning experience diversified and interesting. It was important to me to learn from faculty members who lived and worked Fairfield County area. This is a very unique demographic, as its proximity to New York and Boston make it a hotbed for top talent and fierce competition. Each faculty member exhibited enthusiasm for their area of specialization. The program is differentiated by being dynamic and accelerated, which is why I elected Sacred Heart University for my MBA."
~Peter Cushing, Systems Engineer
"Tough work, but a unique professional experience with a high ROI"
~Helder Gouveia, Relationship manager, Bnp Paribas Wealth Management Luxembourg

"It’s a wonderful program; I gained lot of insight into practical business world. Especially courses like Dynamics in Business Management are certainly at the level of HBS."
~Sree Akkenapally
"I consider being able to complete this program in one year a huge advantage as a student that just completed my undergraduate program. The Welch MBA Program provided me with the experiences necessary to prepare me for the corporate environment. The Dynamic Business Management classes provided the all-around teachings essential for the business environment."
~Hannah Robinson