Student Action Learning Projects

Client Testimonials

Penmar Industries, Inc.

I want to thank you, the SHU MBA program and above all your students for the great experience we had working together. As the leader of a small business often times one has to wear many different hats. This in turn means we have little to no time available to consider all the strategic issues that can position the company for growth. Your MBA students were enthusiastic, focused, and results driven. From learning our business model to understanding our competitive landscape they delivered a pragmatic plan that we can use to help our business grow.  I look forward to working with them again in the not too distant future.


Ed Rodriguez
Penmar Industries, Inc.

Harbor Watch

Our organization is known as Harbor Watch (HW) , a program of Earthplace, the Nature Discover Center in Westport. We turned to the Sacred Heart Business School and Professor Valerie Christian to help us evaluate a number of new opportunities from a business sense.

The four students were a great help in helping us evaluate our business from an economic sense as well getting HW to take a second look at the practicality and long term potential of the emerging opportunities. It was a great help to us, having an outside source objectively weigh new proposals and provide timely guidance as to how to build the organization without a series of mishaps which can easily occur from being too close to the fire. We very much appreciate the help, advice and guidance given to us by Professor Christian and her students. Many thanks!  


Dick Harris
Director of Harbor Watch, a Program of Earthplace, the Nature Discovery Center  

Newtown Economic Development Commission

The SHU team provided the Newtown Economic Development Commission with well-researched and informative data to assist them evaluate the feasibility of establishing a small business incubator, a real project that Newtown is considering.  To date we have worked with two teams where the second team built upon the research done by the first. The SHU students are engaged with community leaders and provided valuable research that is being used to help make real decisions. 

Elizabeth Stocker, AICP
Director of Economic and Community Development
Newtown Municipal Center

The Bites Company

I want to extend my sincere thanks to the MBA Program at Sacred Heart University. The Bites Company is a small cookie manufacturer located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We needed extensive financial analysis and marketing strategy development to ensure that we were on the right track and to help us set goals for the future.

Being selected as a participating company proved to be a rewarding and enlightening experience. The students on the financial team provided the Bites Company with a complete financial package including unit cost analysis, break even analysis, and a valuation of the company as a whole. The students on the marketing team helped us to determine which on-line strategy to use. The experience with both teams was truly amazing. I would relish the opportunity to return again and again.

Dina Upton
The Bites Company