Program Objectives

The MBA program is built on the pillars of:

  • Leadership
  • Commitment to fostering up-to-date, cutting edge knowledge of business disciplines
  • Ethical responsibility
  • Global awareness

The MBA program is focused on the development of key competencies:

  • Personal and professional interest and the belief that every person deserves space and dignity
  • Persuasive communication that is articulate, candid, to the point, and leads to action
  • Exceptional excellence and continuous improvement through attention to detail, rigorous analysis, and decision-making
  • Accountability for decisions and actions of team and self, putting team goals ahead of individual goals, with the focus on contribution to the organization.

The Welch MBA program goals

  • Our graduates will have a broad understanding of the business disciplines and functional skills critical to their roles as business professionals.
  • Our graduates will explore ethical standards of behavior and develop their own frames of reference and standards to guide their professional behavior.
  • Our graduates will have the oral and written communication skills required to compete effectively in the workplace.
  • Our graduates will be able to identify factors that affect business practices in the global environment and propose decisions and actions that are appropriate in specific situations.
  • Our graduates will be decision-makers and critical thinkers who use analytic and problem-solving skills.
  • Our graduates will have an understanding of leadership theory and demonstrate managerial skills with an understanding of the global environment.