Marketing Electives

MK 650 Product Development and Management 3 CH
Prerequisite: MK 661 Marketing Management. Examines the product development and innovation process and cycle, its tools and techniques. The role of marketing, engineering, accounting and other functions is closely assessed. Use of techniques to enhance creativity, market research, and psychographics to assist with product development is the foundation of this course, with emphasis in the areas of product planning, competitive positioning, channels of distribution, pricing and promotion.

MK 651 Marketing Research 3 CH
Prerequisite: MK 661 Marketing Management. Gives a managerial approach to market research activities. Primary emphasis is on applying qualitative and quantitative research information toward marketing decisions. The research process is discussed, then qualitative and quantitative methodological alternatives are systematically reviewed. Careful attention is paid to how to analyze and present research findings.

MK 656 Advertising Management* 3 CH
Prerequisite: MK 661 Marketing Management. Provides an analysis of the advertising function from a management viewpoint. Emphasizes the mechanics and techniques of advertising as part of an overall marketing strategy. Topics include: role of the corporate advertising director, role of the advertising agency and role of the media. Special emphasis is on understanding and participating in the creative process, essential for effective

MK 658 Consumer Marketing and Behavior 3 CH
Prerequisite: MK 661 Marketing Management. Focuses on the consumer, and in particular what makes consumers behave the way they do in specific purchase situations. Emphasis is on behavioral, psychological and motivational theories as well as risk perception. Various consumer buying models are analyzed. The case method is utilized.

MK 661 Marketing Management 3 CH
Explores how firms analyze market opportunities; select target markets; develop the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion); plan; manage; organize and control the marketing resources throughout an enterprise; deal with competition; and extend marketing to the global marketplace.

MK 668 International Marketing* 3 CH
Prerequisite: MK 661 Marketing Management. Provides an analysis of marketing concepts and applications in a global environment, focusing on market management and cultural and institutional differences.

MK 669 Contemporary Issues in Marketing 3 CH
Prerequisite: MK 661 Marketing Management. Current marketing issues are examined in light of the competitive global environment.

MK 670 Digital Marketing 3 CH
Examines the rapidly evolving dynamics of digital marketing. Emphasis is on consumer behavior and opportunities, problems, tactics and strategies associated with incorporated digital methods into the marketing function. Internet and mobile marketing tools such as search engine marketing, social media, and viral marketing are addressed.

*These electives will be offered less frequently in the future.