Management Electives

MGT 610 Entrepreneurship 3 CH
Explores various aspects of starting or buying a small business. Student teams are required to develop a complete business plan. Case studies are used to help students understand the principles used to create a plan that can be financed and implemented. Prerequisite: MK 661 Marketing Management

MGT 621 Comparative Management and Intercultural Communication 3 CH
Develops a student's awareness and sensitivity to cross-cultural management. Models of understanding other cultures and management styles are discussed. Topics include: cultural sensitivity, awareness of different value systems, context specificity of management techniques, and ensuring effective communications across cultures. Prerequisite: MGT 601 Organizational Management and Business Communication

MGT 632 Managing Change 3 CH
Examines the strategy and techniques for successfully introducing and managing change in organizations. Emphasis is on the role of power, influence and communication in the change process, confrontation, concepts and techniques of organization development, change management and acceptance of innovation. Development of a framework for recognizing factors that influence change and development of an infrastructure to manage change effectively are the goals of this course. Prerequisite: MGT 601 Organizational Management and Business Communication

MGT 635 Human Resources and Career Development 3 CH
Focuses on the role of the contemporary human resources function in organizations. Emphasis is on analysis of policies related to the organizational life cycle from hiring through termination, workforce and succession planning, compensation and benefits, career development, labor relations and employee training. These concepts are discussed in light of working with and managing a multicultural workforce. Prerequisite: MGT 601 Organizational Management and Business Communication

MGT 636 Legal Issues in Human Resource Management* 3 CH
Examines the legal relationship between an employer and an employee in the business environment. Special attention is given to how these issues are dealt with as companies expand globally. Prerequisite: MGT 633 Legal Environment of Business

MGT 639 Innovation Management 3 CH
This course will cover the definition of innovation, the barriers and enablers for making innovation real in companies, the core principles for innovation management (foresight, ideation, discovery-driven planning, rapid prototyping, open platforms, wisdom of crowds, technology adoption and diffusion) and how innovation management is being applied by market leaders and companies in highly competitive industries. Prerequisites: MGT 521 Fundamentals of Management or MGT 601 Organization Management or WGB612 Leading and Influencing with Integrity

MGT 664 Negotiations 3 CH
Negotiation is the art and science of securing agreements between two or more Interdependent parties. Hence, the purpose of this course is to develop an under-Standing of the psychological and strategic dynamics of negotiation. The course is grounded in the major concepts and theories of bargaining, negotiation, and mediation and is designed to use a combination of simulations and analysis to build your own personal experience in the classroom and in the real world.

MGT 665 International Business 3 CH
Describes the scope of international business and studies multinational enterprises in light of cultural, historical, political and economic factors. Trade theories are examined in the context of international economics and finance. The focus then turns to the management of global operations, from initial entry into international markets to strategy development for the multinational enterprise.

MGT 667 Team Management 3 CH
Examines the use of teams to accomplish organizational strategies. Topics include: team leadership, goal-setting, group dynamics, group decision-making, diversity and multicultural issues. Prerequisite: MGT 601 Organizational Management and Business Communication

MGT 687 Contemporary Issues in Global Management 3 CH
Examines current events and issues as they relate to global management and international business. Prerequisite: MGT 601 Organizational Management and Business Communication

MGT 689 Contemporary Issues in Business Ethics 3 CH
Explores the origin and evolution of our ethics as they relate to the contemporary world of business. Emphasis is on decision-making, including situations where these decisions are complicated by issues of trust, fairness, right and wrong, integrity, social responsibility, personal conscience, or culture. Guest lecturers from various businesses and areas of responsibility are invited to present their views and experiences. Prerequisite: MGT 681 Leadership and Ethics

*These electives will be offered less frequently in the future.