Finance Electives

FN 661 Money and Financial Institutions 3 CH
Prerequisite: FN 660 Financial Management. Analyzes operations of commercial banks and other financial institutions. Examines money, credit and interest rates, as well as contemporary monetary theories. Surveys recent developments and their implications to financial institutions.

FN 662 Corporate Finance 3 CH
Prerequisite: FN 660 Financial Management. Studies corporate investments and capital structure. Topics include: risk and leverage with respect to capital budgeting and capital structure, working capital management, dividend theory and policy.

FN 663 Investments3 CH
Prerequisite: FN 660 Financial Management. Examines the risk and return characteristics of the wide variety of domestic and international equity and debt investment products available. Topics include: investors' constraints and objective setting, fundamental and technical analysis, efficient market theory and investment research procedures.

FN 665 International Financial Management 3 CH
Prerequisite: FN 660 Financial Management. A study of financial management concepts and techniques, applied to companies with international operations. Topics include: foreign currency spot-and-forward contract pricing; impacts of foreign inflation, exchange and country risk on investment decision-making; taxation and regulatory issues of non-U.S. markets; and sources and uses of funds for multinational corporations.

FN 667 International FinancialMarkets 3 CH
Prerequisites: FN 660 Financial Management and FN 665 International Financial Management. Provides a working knowledge of contemporary international financial markets with special emphasis on Eurodollars, Eurocredit and swaps. The course focuses primarily on rules and policies of foreign exchange markets and international credit markets.

FN 668 Portfolio Management 3 CH
Prerequisite: FN 660 Financial Management and FN 663 Global Investments. Develops the student's ability to evaluate securities in the context of a portfolio. Topics include: portfolio construction rules based on risk and return goals, valuation measures and risk-reduction techniques using derivative products.

FN 669 Contemporary Issues in Finance 3 CH
Prerequisite: FN 660 Financial Management. Examines financial concepts applied to current issues in finance such as risk management products and techniques.

FN 670 Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures 3 CH
Prerequisite: FN 660 Financial Management. Examines the role of each of these strategies as part of the whole restructuring process d by corporations in their attempt to compete and grow in the United States and abroad. Emphasis is on each method's strategic and financial advantages. Group analysis of cases and computer applications are utilized.

FN 672 Derivatives and Risk Management 3 CH
Prerequisite: FN 660 Financial Management. This course attempts to answer the following questions: What are derivative securities and how can they be used in corporate strategy and risk management? The course will involve some theory about the mathematical foundation needed to analyze, design, price, and use derivative instruments in a managerial context. Basic derivative contracts such as forward, futures, option, and swap will be covered, as well as the pricing of these claims, arbitrage and hedging in these markets. Finally, students will apply the concepts developed in this course to real-life situations through cases studies.

FN 675 Financial Regulatory Compliance 3 CH
This course is designed to enable students to understand the laws, regulations, and reporting requirements necessary for financial firms to do business in the United States. It will also serve as an introduction to a career in compliance.