Business Analytics Electives

Introduction to Business Analytics
This course introduces the field of business analytics by covering statistical and quantitative methodology for data analysis and managerial decision-making. Some of the topics include regression, forecasting, risk analysis, simulation, linear programming, data mining, and decision analysis. The course will emphasize on conducting analysis in a spreadsheet environment including XLMiner and Tableau.

Introduction to Database Management
This course covers the concepts and design for Relational Database Management Systems (DBMS) and the Structured Query Language (SQL) needed to define and manipulate data. Students will learn the concept of database and data structure, data warehouse, and data mining. They will also learn how to create conceptual, logical and physical designs of relational databases. We will use a Microsoft Access database to design the entity-relationship diagrams (ERD) and implement a working database. The course covers methods for adding data, updating data, extracting data, producing readable output, and creating and manipulating tables and creating and managing constraints using SQL.