Is an MBA Really Worth it?

One of the questions that MBA candidates often ask is “Is it worth it?” In addition to the cost, there is the challenge of balancing work and family commitments with coursework. Students ask career questions such as “Will it help me advance or go in a new direction?” or “Will it just be a line on my resume?”

While the MBA is still the graduate degree of choice for most employers, both in the US and internationally, employers want to see more than a list of courses completed on a transcript. They want to hire people who know how to be on a team and how to deliver results.

Just as critical is the quality of the education and the learning process. After a day of work, are you going to sit in the back of a class, passively listening to lectures, or are you going to be actively engaged in your learning in a model that combines interdisciplinary theory with applications to develop executive management skills. Will you be able to apply the learning at your job the next day?

The Welch MBA program and its unique integrated core is specifically structured to help students prepare for career advancement and make the investment worth it.

Here are emails from recent graduates:

Catherine McLean | 2015

Wanted to send you a quick a note as a former student and recent grad of the MBA program at Sacred Heart that I’ve been selected to go to my company’s Headquarters (Nestlé) in Switzerland! I’ve been invited to join a diverse team of 15 marketers from across the world to work on Digital programs for the company (details attached). I know having my MBA with a focus in digital helped greatly in the decision making process so just wanted to say thank you! I’m already seeing the benefits of getting my degree at Sacred Heart in just a few short months after completing. I hope you are all doing well, and I miss seeing your friendly faces.

Jeff Benedetti | 2014

Throughout my time in SHU's MBA program, I would always question whether or not earning a MBA would help me in my career. I already had a good position with a great company.

I am reaching out to let you know that the MBA did help. I left Apple and am now managing a Business Development Team and partner acquisition program for Datto, a disaster recovery/ business continuity company in Norwalk CT and the fastest growing company in CT. It’s a really exciting place to work with great growth potential. The interview process was very competitive. I am confident my SHU MBA set me apart and helped me get the position.

As an alum, I look forward to seeing the new building for Business and remaining involved with the MBA program as an Alumni.

Eric Stringer | 2014

My SHU MBA degree and results at Kimberly-Clark recently got me placed on a high potential list and slated in our company’s leadership succession planning matrix for our product supply and business teams.