Excel Certification Examination

Why Acquire Excel Skills/Preparedness?

In a student’s college career, it is important they are equipped with various professional skills to succeed within a given industry. Obtaining excel preparedness/skills is crucial for today’s professional development and competitive job market. The Welch College of Business offers it to all students, understating the positive effective it has on students seeking internships and jobs, giving them a unique edge and setting them apart.

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How do I sign up?

The exams are 50 minutes long, and it takes about 20 minutes to create an account and log in. To sign up for an exam, download the Welch Experience App in the app store (it is free), and select a date as provided to take the exam.

Excel Training and Preparation?

The Certification Exam training is done at www.gmetrix.com.

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Your access code to take the training exam is: 63635-2017-21044

You may take the practice exam as many times as you like.