Freshmen First Year Experience

Welch Experience

The Welch Experience
College of Business

First Year Advisor

Victoria Rosa-Garcia
Tel: 203-416-3603

Freshmen First Year Experience

The Welch First Year (FY) Experience recognizes the importance of students' transition into college life. The Welch Experience comprises an integrated business education in a deliberate sequence that builds on students’ knowledge and helps them progress through the program. Key features and benefits of the program for WCOB students include:

  • Advising and mentoring programs
  • Enhanced academic experience
  • Global awareness
  • Career planning and professional development
  • Co-curricular activities

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The Welch Experience

The Welch Experience is designed to provide our undergraduate business students with an integrated professional and academic development program to prepare today’s student for tomorrow’s global economy. This concept in undergraduate education will enhance the learning environment with a comprehensive approach to critical thinking, career knowledge and professional development.

The business world constantly evolves with structural changes in the global economy, technological innovations, and adoption of best practices. Only those professionals who can keep pace with or stay ahead of the rapidly changing business environment and can recognize developing business trends are likely to emerge as influential and successful business leaders. The Welch Experience is a comprehensive approach to business education that builds on an already existing curriculum of excellence. Starting in the students’ first year, Sacred Heart faculty, administration, and alumni will seek to educate the students inside and outside of the classroom, and inside and outside of the country. The Welch Experience is committed to combining education for life with preparation for professional excellence or graduate studies.

For more information, contact the First Year Advisor Victoria Rosa-Garcia at 203-416-3603 or

BU 121: Intro to Business - First Business Course

Students in this course will learn the foundations of entrepreneurship and business management. Students will identify business opportunities and work in teams to plan to create a product or service. Business plans, marketing, and financing the business will be covered. Business focused oral and written communication skills are analyzed and practiced.

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Welch Mentor Program

The Welch Mentor Program is designed to enhance and encompass all aspects of a student’s first year experience. Within the first week of the fall semester, all incoming Freshmen Business majors are paired with a FY Welch Mentor who is a current Welch College of Business sophomore, junior or senior. The Welch Mentors take responsibility in guiding the first year students providing individual attention. Welch mentors serve as a resource to first-year students and give students a perspective of life at Sacred Heart University.

Our FY Welch Mentors:

  • Guide the FY students, assisting in the college transition process.
  • Create opportunities for freshmen to attend upper-level business courses to show them what classes are like within their majors of interest.
  • Introduce freshmen to the Career Development and Placement Center so they can start the process of developing resumes, interviewing, and searching for internship opportunities.
  • Encourage freshmen to attend all Welch Experience events designed to develop knowledge, skills, abilities, and a professional network in the business world.
  • Create awareness of the different clubs and organizations within the Jack Welch College of Business.
  • Make sure each student has developed a connection within the Jack Welch College of Business

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