Luxembourg MBA

Earn First-Hand International Business Experience

Luxembourg International MBAWhen Franck Anckenmann earned his MBA from Sacred Heart University, he didn't just study with students from another part of the world, but actually in another part of the world.

Now a global sales manager for ExxonMobil Chemical and based in Belgium, Anckenmann earned his MBA from Sacred Heart’s European campus at the Jack Welch College of Business in Luxembourg — a program that this past summer celebrated its 20th anniversary there.

“Students representing more than 10 different nationalities were in my cohort,” said Anckenmann, a 2009 graduate. “They and the school’s location created an exciting learning environment, and the curriculum enriched my ability to see and respond to global trends. I also learned how to go deeper when dealing with business matters, challenge established situations and help others resolve issues.”

The only U.S.-accredited MBA program in  Luxembourg – a Western European country small in size but huge in banking, insurance and manufacturing – the  program will offer full-time MBA students a paid internship at a leading international corporation for the first time this fall. The internship replaces the minimum two years of professional experience generally required for new students, opening the opportunity for more qualified applicants to be admitted.

Students who participate in the typical 15-month program will work at their internship site during the day and then take classes at the Luxembourg campus at night. Internships in finance, marketing, international business and information technology are among the opportunities available.

“This means undergraduates with and without work experience can now be admitted,” said SHU International MBA Manager Anemone Thomas. “For students who lacked prior courses in economics, statistics and management, or who needed help to speak English proficiently, we offered intensive preparatory courses over the  summer – something that we will do again next year. The response from students was extremely enthusiastic, and we’re excited about this new aspect of the program, too.”

The degree schedule is designed to both be rigorous and give students a chance to get to know Luxembourg. Classes run from September to July, and the internship goes from November to July. After a summer break, students return to Luxembourg to take remaining classes during the fall semester.

Students have the option of taking additional classes on the main Sacred Heart campus in the U.S. during July and August. MBA concentrations in finance and general management are also available.

Individuals interested in learning more about the program should contact Thomas by emailing; calling +352 22 76 13 32; or writing the Jack Welch College of Business, Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, 7 rue Alcide de Gasperi, L-2981 Luxembourg, Luxembourg. The program website is

“Students from every corner of the world give our program a true international flavor that so many other business schools cannot offer,” Thomas said. “Our facilities and staff are dynamic, and our digital research tools and electronic libraries ideal for learning. The opportunities our internships provide to work abroad in an international setting are also invaluable.”

Admission to the MBA program generally requires a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4-point scale; a Graduate Management Admissions Test score of at least 500; proof of English proficiency (570 minimum TOEFL score or equivalent) or a basic English plus intensive summer preparatory course; proof of adequate financial resources for the program; and two letters of recommendation.

SHU Luxembourg staff will help students with the visa application process.

Graduates of the MBA program automatically obtain a permit to work in Luxembourg for an additional two years.