The most gratifying and significant effect of the program is the impact the work performed has upon each student's perspective on service to others. It is our hope that this activity will produce more than a grade; that it will imprint upon each of the participants an understanding of the needs of the less fortunate and a desire to continue to give of their skills unselfishly as a reflection of how much they, themselves, have been given.

At the end of the written report submitted by each group, the students are requested to express openly and honestly how their exposure to community service has affected their outlook on life.

A few quotes from their reports are included below:

~Kathleen Moore, Executive Director, Barnum Museum

~Deborah Greenwood, President & CEO, Center for Family Justice

"We have worked with Sacred Heart students on four projects, and they have always done a wonderful job. The Board is currently reviewing their recommendations and making decisions. We could never have been able to afford to pay a consultant to do this work, and we are extremely grateful.” 
~ Linda Delaney, Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center Project Manager

"The students were like a team of consultants, helping me put my ideas into a format that would be useful in moving our project forward. They were great to work with, held themselves to high standards, and they delivered a professional product. It was an excellent experience, and we were lucky to have their help. We look forward to using their work to help us with a new initiative in the near future. The Center for Not-for-Profit Organizations at Sacred Heart is truly a godsend for non-profits working with small budgets. The students get a real-time work experience and an opportunity to use their skills to do good, and the organization gets the benefit of committed students and faculty dedicated to helping solve a problem.  For Operation HOPE and our pending project, it couldn’t have been a better match.”
Carla Miklos, Executive Director of Operation Hope

“The organization did operate differently from what I was used to coming from a large corporation. I had to actually back off from my usually demanding self and actually wait...” 
~ JT Operation Hope

“This (project) made me realize that I have not designated enough time to volunteer work. This ended up being a void that I wanted to fill.” 
~ CL Operation Hope

“We felt it was a great experience and we are willing to invest more time in Non Profit organizations in the future.” 
~ Group Amos House Project

"At Amos House, our Board relies upon the help of volunteers for a wide variety of tasks.  When we began working with the MBA students at Sacred Heart, it became clear this would become an important resource for us to use.  By combining the business and organizational structure backgrounds of the students with the needs of Amos House, we have been able to work together to create practical solutions to challenges facing the Board and program.  Sacred Heart brings to us professional insight in a compassionate framework that helps Amos House better serve the homeless families of the Greater Danbury Area."  
~ Mr. Michael Byl, President of Amos House

‌"Non-profits provide critical services to so many in our community, and yet we are fighting for every dollar of support in order to meet the growing need. It is perfect timing for the creation of a Center for Strategic Planning!  We are challenged to meet the increasing demand for our services, while at the same time facing new challenges in terms of planning and financing our visions.  At Operation Hope, for example, we are inundated with calls for shelter and affordable housing from a growing number of people in need.  The support SHU has provide via the MBA program students has helped us to manage our core services to people who are homeless while at the same time enhancing our organizational capacity.  The Center is a natural step forward and greatly appreciated by nonprofits like Operation Hope which are in need of this support."  
~ Ms. Meghan K. Lowney, MSW, Former Executive Director of Operation Hope