Mission Statement

The Jack Welch College of Business mission is to foster a continuous and inquisitive learning community rooted in Catholic intellectual traditions, ethics, and values, to provide students with business knowledge and appropriate skills, and to develop undergraduate and graduate students prepared to achieve their personal and professional goals and obligations in the business community and global society.
Who We Are
Our learning community includes:
  • Full-time and part-time faculty members who are teachers, scholars, and experienced professionals supported by administrative staff members
  • Traditional and non-traditional undergraduate and graduate business students
  • Working adults studying to obtain undergraduate and graduate business degrees
  • Graduate students at our Luxembourg campus
  • Alumni
  • Members of companies and organizations who provide employment, internships, and advice
What We Value
Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, we
  • Operate the College of Business within an institution of Catholic higher education committed to the liberal arts
  • Strive to develop individuals who will act ethically and responsibly
  • Value scholarship as contributing to learning, understanding, and the search for truth
  • Stress the primacy of teaching as the focus of our work
  • Value active, engaging, and personalized learning experiences in and outside of the classroom
  • Believe personal attention fosters the growth and development of our students
  • Find strength in the rich diversity of the human family and invite participation in our community by persons of varied races, faith traditions, ethnic backgrounds, and diverse opinions and beliefs
  • Value academic excellence in all of our programs
What We Do
To fulfill our mission, we
  • Foster academic rigor
  • Teach and advise students
  • Promote active participation by students in the learning process, including experiential learning both in and outside of the classroom
  • Emphasize ethical dimensions in our curricula
  • Partner with the business community to improve practice and align curriculum to evolving business needs
  • Engage in research in order to understand and contribute to the development of our discipline, its practice, and ways in which it is taught
  • Give service to our College, University, profession, and the wider community
  • Incorporate appropriate technology and teaching techniques in our classes
  • Work collaboratively to ensure that students develop an awareness of and appreciation for the resources and expertise available to them from the faculty and Sacred Heart University community
  • Emphasize to our students the importance and intrinsic rewards of being good citizens and the responsibilities of being educated persons.