Luxembourg Campus

Graduate Programs on the Luxembourg Campus

‌Sacred Heart University offers the only AACSB-accredited MBA Program taught in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Students enrolled in the Luxembourg program typically include professionals from many countries around the world. Classroom instruction is in English.

U.S. graduate students may take advantage of the opportunity to study in Luxembourg through several short-term courses offered throughout the year, including a special two-week intensive course.

Similarly, Luxembourg students can study in the U.S. through short-term institutes with American students. The seminar on Global Management, for example, is offered during the summer months on the Fairfield, Connecticut campus for European Union students as well as American students.

Sacred Heart University's Jack Welch College of Business is recognized for its focus on the worldwide marketplace and the advance of cutting-edge technology. The university uses state-of-the-art video technology to broadcast classes between the Fairfield, Connecticut and Luxembourg campuses, allowing students to collaborate in an international forum.

Given the growth of international business, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg provides an excellent setting for an MBA education. Its population clearly represents the cultural diversity of the regional, in fact over 30% of its 400,000 inhabitants originate from other countries. Economically, Luxembourg is one of the most vibrant countries in Western Europe, representing a variety of businesses and industries including manufacturing, finance, insurance and natural resources. In addition, Luxembourg is home to the largest concentration of banks in the European community.

Undergraduate Programs on the Luxembourg campus

Undergraduates can take advantage of SHU’s global reach by participating in short-term and semester programs:

  • SHU Semester in Luxembourg provides sophomores with a full semester of coursework on the Luxembourg campus. Students will receive SHU credit taking classes from faculty from both the Fairfield campus and Luxembourg.
  • Two- and four-week summer programs led by faculty from the Fairfield campus through the Office of Global Affairs.