Study Abroad

Students studying abroad in LuxembourgBusiness majors who would like to study abroad can use the services of the university’s Office of Global Affairs. The Office provides eligibility criteria, information sessions, and full access to the university’s database of available study abroad programs. In order to study abroad, business majors have to meet the eligibility criteria required of all Sacred Heart University students.

Students may opt to study abroad in one of two types of programs:

  • SHU or SHU-affiliated program
  • Approved non-affiliated program

Some of the benefits of attending SHU programs (versus attending a non-affiliated) are:

  • Ease of credit transfers
  • Ease of financial aid transfer
  • Knowledgeable staff and support of the SHU Office of Global Affairs

Take a General Requirements Course Abroad

Students may opt to take a general requirements course abroad through programs offered by the Office of Global Affairs

Take a Business Course Abroad

BU 299 Doing Business in China
This course offers an interdisciplinary study of essential components pertinent to doing business with China. Students will learn about the Chinese language and culture as well as China’s history and political and economic systems and explore contemporary issues related to doing business with China, including guanxi (relationship), entry strategies and intellectual property protection. The course includes 8 weeks of instructions on the main campus and an 11-day study tour in China.

The China tour includes visits to several major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Chengdu, as well as some famous cultural attractions like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the Panda Breeding Research Institute. The class also visits a number of businesses where students have the opportunity to learn first-hand how Chinese and foreign multi-national business operate effectively and efficiently in China.

MK 366 Marketing in Europe
This two-week course, taught in Luxembourg, provides students with an understanding of marketing in a multi-national environment, as well as the specific challenges of marketing in Europe. Examines European political and sociocultural environment, as well as the function of the European Union in enabling business across borders.

Students will have the opportunity to visit several local businesses, explore Luxembourg and the surrounding area, and engage in cultural and recreational activities.

Students Studying Abroad in Luxembourg

Study at our Luxembourg Campus

Our Luxembourg campus, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, provides students with the opportunity to earn SHU credit at a well-respected European institution located in the financial capital of the European Union.

Business majors can:

  • Enroll in the SHU Semester in Luxembourg during the spring of their sophomore year
  • Participate in two- or four-week short-term study abroad opportunities during the summer
  • Complete all or part of an MBA at the WCOB campus in Luxembourg