Globalized Curriculum

Specialized International/Global Coursework in each Business Major

Each major in the college of business includes at least one course that specifically addresses the particularities and challenges of conducting that area of business internationally.

These courses are:

  • AC401 Advanced Accounting for accounting majors
  • EC322 International Economics for economics majors
  • FN316 International Finance for finance majors
  • MGT278 International Business for management majors
  • MK425 International Marketing for marketing majors

Global Teams

Global Experience Project: IS272 – Dynamic of Information Technologies 

Global Experience Project (GEP) for IS272 is a joint-effort class project development between instructors of Sacred Heart University, Welch College of Business (WCOB) and the school of Business Administration, Bangkok University, Thailand.  In the summer of 2013, Dr. Kittipong Laosethakul, a faculty member at WCOB, visited Bangkok University and presented the idea of a joint-effort GEP between the two universities to Dr. Sansanee Thebpanya, the dean of the School of Business Administration, Bangkok University.  With the global outsourcing phenomenon of today businesses, Dr. Sansanee had the same opinion that a global experience is one of the key elements of learning in business education in the 21st century.  She showed strong interest in the idea of a joint-effort GEP.  The two institutions agreed that students would learn tremendously from each other, in turn overcoming the challenges of working long distance with foreigners with cultural and language barriers.  Dr. Sansanee appointed Assistant Professor Kaewwit, the director of Academic Affairs Office, to work with Dr. Laosethakul to develop the GEP for her class, BC422 Database Management Systems.  Both had been working on the GEP in the summer so it would be piloted in their classes in Fall 2013.

Project Objectives
An objective of the GEP for IS272 is to introduce challenges of working in the 21st-century business environment where global outsourcing is present and facilitated by telecommunication technologies.  Students will learn to design business processes and work with a system-development team from Bangkok University to develop a working system.  Students would be challenged by a long distant-communication – language/cultural barrier and time difference -through collaboration tools such as email, Skype, and the Line application.

Project Outlines
The GEP will be added as a class project for the IS272 section B and two sections of BC422.  We will have 4 pre-assigned project themes – Computers for non-profit, Exotic Furniture, Zen Spa, and Foreign Comic Books. Each theme will be assigned to two different teams to compete.  Thus, there will be a total of 8 teams. Each US team will have 3-4 teammates.  They will work closely with a system-development team of 5-8 teammates from BU.

The U.S. team will design business processes and let their developer teammates from Thailand design a working database to support those business processes.  Detailed communication is ‘the key’ to a successful system development.  Students from both ends would be challenged by their language and culture barriers and a limited project timeline.

Students from both sides are required to deliver a working database system, a full report, and a presentation at the end of the semester.