Gerry Libertelli

Gerry Libertelli is a veteran entrepreneur and Internet developer with roots in Online Service Delivery dating back to the start-up of the industry. Gerry Libertelli began his career at Charles Schwab and Company where he played several critical roles in delivering Schwab's online investing products: StreetSmart and The Equalizer. These products were the first of their kind in the investment industry and were a precursor to Schwab's eventual success on the Internet.

Following his accomplishments at Schwab, Gerry formed G.Triad Development Corporation in 1995. Under his leadership, and with no funding or investment beyond his personal time, G.Triad became the Internet development services firm of choice for enterprise and dot-coms alike. G.Triad delivered some of the largest and most comprehensive Web applications in operation today, including such revolutionary projects as, Simon and Schuster's,, Dow Jones University (an online distance learning application), and several award-winning Intranet applications. Under Gerry's direction, the company grew from a modest 10 person technology company to a 300 person, multi-national IT consulting company; and in 1999, Gerry led the acquisition of G.Triad by Computer Horizons Corporation.

Following his success at G. Triad, Gerry joined General Catalyst Partners as their technologist in residence where he worked on more than 50 venture related deals. Shortly thereafter, Libertelli founded ReadyTechs LLC, a managed services firm focused on delivery of cloud services combined with 24X7 support. ReadyTechs was sold to Computer Design and Integration in 2010.

Libertelli is a graduate of Seton Hall University in South Orange NJ. He has served on numerous technical boards of advisory for start organizations ranging from CRM related enterprise software to network optimization and management, and actively mentor's start-up companies in his home state of New Jersey. Gerry Libertelli has been an active supporter of eGovernment initiatives around the country, and frequently gives his time to municipalities interested in bringing local government to the Internet.