Christopher W. McGarry, Esq.

Board of Visitors

Christopher McGarry is presently the Senior Vice President and General Counsel at the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company in Montvale, NewChristopher McGarryJersey. He has been with the corporation since March 2006 and is responsible for all legal affairs. His role also includes strategic business advisor to the Board and the Chief Executive Officer. In this role he oversees legal, labor, and risk management departments. Regulatory and compliance functions also are under his purview.
Prior to joining A&P, Chris was with General Counsel for Tibbett & Britten Group Americas, a division of Excel. The Group is a leading international logistics service manufacturer. His role there was all legal affairs, and oversight for corporate secretarial responsibility for sixty wholly owned subsidiary companies in North and South America. Chris was at Tibbet & Britten from 2002 to 2006.
Chris first entered the retail market shortly after finishing his legal studies. He joined the now defunct, Grand Union Company. The Company was a publicly traded supermarket retailer operating 197 locations in the Northeast. While with the company he was Assistant General Counsel. He remained here for two years.
In addition to these corporate experiences, Chris was a member of a private practice law firm in Northern New Jersey. While at Nowell Amoroso Klein Bierman, P.A. he focused on the litigation practice. This provided him with trial exposure and experience for commercial transactions.
Chris McGarry’s post secondary education was at Seton Hall University (New Jersey), where he received his Baccalaureate degree (1988), Masters of Business Administration (1989), and J.D. (1992). He resides in Jersey City with his wife and son.