The Five-Year Course List describes the most compact path for progressing through the Five-Year Program. Students may apply for admission to the Five-year program as second semester freshmen or as first semester sophomores.

1st Year

  • Attend information sessions

  • Work on university CORE, commit to a major, be aware of non–education course requirements.

  • Begin application preparation (work with Graduate Admissions Department)

2nd Year

  • Sophomores may apply for admission to the Five year program in their first semester. Completed applications are due prior to November 1. Begin application preparation (work with Graduate Admission Department)

  • Attend the mandatory plan of study meeting

  • Work on university CORE, commit to a major, be aware of non–education course requirement

  • Complete background check requirement in the spring semester of Sophomore year

3rd Year

  • Complete 4 Education courses
  • Candidates engaged in study abroad programs should modify fourth year education courses with their education advisor

4th Year

  • Complete 3 Education courses
  • Candidates must meet with College of Education advisor to complete application for internship, application for student teaching, and plan MAT concentration and course selection.
  • Candidates must take Praxis 2 tests.  
    • Candidates with deficiencies identified through the praxis 2 test results must file an action plan for remediation with College of Education advisor.

5th Year

A total of 39 graduate credits are required in the fifth year. Candidates may opt to defer MAT course work to Late Spring or Summer semesters following the fifth year. Such deferral will permit candidates to attend the May Commencement but the MAT degree will be dated in August.

Summer Semesters SU1 and SU2

  • Students will complete a total of 15 credits; two methods courses (one in SU1 and one in SU2) and three MAT courses

Fall Semester

  • Students will complete a total of 9 credits; two MAT courses and one methods course. Permission of the dean’s office is required to attempt a fourth course

  • School-based experience in an elementary or secondary public school will begin this semester

  • Apply for May Graduation

Winter Intensive

  • Students will complete a total of 3 MAT credits (optionally, these may be deferred to May intensive or Late Spring)

Spring Semester

  • Students will complete a total of 9 credits; MAT terminal requirement (3 credits) and student teaching (6 credits)
  • The school-based experience will end at the conclusion of the school district calendar
  • Students will complete a total of 3 MAT credits unless credits have been deferred from previous semesters

If a candidate does not complete the BA/BS degree by May of the fourth year, his/her participation in the Five Year Program will be terminated. The candidate will be withdrawn from any Graduate Education courses in which he/she has been registered and will also be removed from their school-based experience. On achieving his/her BA/BS degree, the candidate may apply to the traditional Graduate Education Program in order to complete his/her remaining teacher certification and MAT Program requirements. Assuming that the candidate has completed the requisite 7 undergraduate ED courses, he/she may apply course credits from methods courses towards MAT degree requirements. Permission for a candidate to participate in Graduate Education courses before completing his/her BA/BS degree will not be granted.