Remedial Reading (102) CLSP Requirements

The Remedial Reading and Language Arts Certification (102) require graduate students to complete 21 credits. Upon the completion of course work for the 102 Certificate students must hold a Connecticut Teaching Certificate or be certifiable, have 30 months of teaching experience, and proof of a Special Education courses.

The following is a list of courses required for the Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Certification:

  • EDR 505 Early Reading and Language Arts Success (PK-3)
  • EDR 507 Developmental Reading and Language Arts (4-6)
  • EDR 510 Content Area Reading Instruction (7-12)
  • EDR 540 Advanced Diagnosis and Remediation
  • EDR 545 Assessment and Evaluation: CT Model
  • EDR 550 Clinic Experience I (University Clinic)
  • EDR 555 Clinic Experience II (School Clinic)


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