Degree Requirements

The CAS Literacy degree provides professional education to graduate candidates in the area of Reading and Language Arts. The overall goal of the program is to prepare candidates to serve as literacy leaders in their schools and districts.  They will be knowledgeable in all aspects of curriculum, assessment, and instruction and will provide guidance to the school and community in shaping local literacy programs. They should represent the profession through participation at local, regional, and national conferences and endeavor to share their growing literacy expertise with colleagues, administration, and the community.

The CAS Literacy degree prepares graduates to promote literacy in a variety of positions within a school system. Candidates will study reading and language from a much broader perspective than that of a classroom teacher. Their training will give them the skills to lead staff development, run intervention clinics, chair appropriate departments, manage summer programs, write grants, and to provide these services in school settings.

Program Requirements

Sequences I and II are program requirements for 102/Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Certification.

Sequence I - Classroom Instruction - 9 credits

  • EDR 505 Early Reading and Language Arts Success (PK-3)*
  • EDR 507 Developmental Reading and Language Arts (4–6)*
  • EDR 510 Content Area Reading Instruction (7–12)*

Sequence II - 12 credits

  • EDR 540 Advanced Diagnosis and Remediation I*
  • EDR 545 Assessment and Evaluation: CT Model*
  • EDR 550 Clinical Experience I (University Clinic) Pre-requisite EDR 540*
  • EDR 555 Clinical Experience II (Public School) Pre-requisite EDR 550*

*Indicates course required for Code 102 certification

Upon successful completion of the first seven courses, candidates apply for Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Certification. (30 months of successful teaching experience required.)

Sequence III are program requirements for 097 Reading and Language Arts Consultant Certification. Pre requisite: 102/Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Certificate. (One year of teaching as a Remedial Language Arts Specialist is required.)

Sequence III - 12 credits

  • EDR 527 Organization, Administration and Supervision: Reading Professional**
  • EDR 541 Advanced Diagnosis and remediation II**
  • EDR 691 Practicum in Consulting**
  • EDR 692 Applied Reading and Language Arts Research**

**Indicates course required for 097 Certification and is available to CLSP students only

Candidates may then select one course (3 credits) to complete their Sixth year degree in Literacy with the addition of three more credits in literacy for a total of 36 credits in all.

Sequence IV - 3 credits

  • EDR 518 Reading and Language Arts: Instruction and Assessment
  • EDR 520 Methods of Teaching and Evaluating Writing Processes (Recommended)
  • EDR 525 Methods and Materials for English Language Learners  (Recommended)
  • EDR 552 Language Arts Practicum
  • EDR 560 Children’s Literature
  • EDR 562 Middle School Literature
  • EDR 564 Young Adult Literature
  • EDR 565 Seminar in Poetry Education
  • EDR 580 Reading Interventions
  • EDR 620 Utilizing Technology in Reading Instruction
  • EDR 690 Teaching Fellowship