Application Essay

Statement of Purpose

Those seeking Remedial Reading and Language Arts Certification (102)

Describe your reasons for wanting to obtain the Remedial Reading and Language Arts Certification (102) and how the certification may be relevant and applicable to your career goals as an educator.

Your response will be a 2-3 page paper, double-spaced, and include the following information:

  • Your attitudes and feelings about reading and writing and the teaching of reading and writing (IRA Standard 6.2, CAEP Standard 1).       
  • The role of professional knowledge and development in the pursuit of your educational goals (IRA STANDARD 6.2, CAEP Standard 1). 
  • How you perceive your role in improving all students’ reading development and achievement, particularly students of diverse needs (IRA Standard 1.3, CAEP Standard 1).

The following IRA/ILA Standards apply to the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

  • 1.3: Understand the role of professional judgment and practical knowledge for improving all students’ reading development and achievement.

    • Model fair-mindedness, empathy, and ethical behavior when teaching students and working with other professionals.
    • Communicate the importance of fair-mindedness, empathy, and ethical behavior in literacy instruction and professional behavior.
  • 6.2: Display positive dispositions related to their own reading and writing and the teaching of reading and writing, and pursue the development of individual professional knowledge and behaviors. [This element deals with positive attitudes not only with colleagues but also with community members, parents and guardians, and so forth.]

    • Articulate the research base related to the connections among teacher dispositions, student learning, and the involvement of parents, guardians, and the community.
    • Promote the value of reading and writing in and out of school by modeling a positive attitude toward reading and writing with students, colleagues, administrators, and parents and guardians.
    • Join and participate in professional literacy organizations, symposia, conferences, and workshops.
    • Demonstrate effective interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.
    • Demonstrate effective use of technology for improving student learning.

Those seeking Reading and Language Arts Consultant Certification (097)

The reading professional assumes multiple roles and responsibilities within the school, district, and community.

Describe your vision of the Reading Professional in the 21st century as it relates to the 2010 IRA/ILA Standards, keeping in mind current issues and educational policy. Consider the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and responsibilities of the reading professional and how current issues and educational policy contribute to the responsibilities of today’s reading specialist/literacy coach.

Write a 2-3 page essay describing how each of the standards applies to the role of the reading professional. You may find the following URL helpful as you are crafting your essay:

IRA Standard for Reading Professionals - 2010

I: Foundational Knowledge:

4: Diversity

2: Curriculum and Instruction

5: Literate Environment

3: Assessment and Evaluation

6: Professional Learning and Leadership