Edward W. Malin, Ph.D

Edward W. Malin, Ph.D.
In Honor of a Life Well Led
1946 - 2014

The Farrington College of Education mourns the loss of long-time leader, educator, administrator, raconteur and friend, Dr. Ed Malin.  In the words of his friend and colleague, Dr. Ed Murray:  “He performed, acted, sang, devoured books and mentored colleagues.  He embodied honesty, integrity and humility.  You trusted him, tried to walk his path and meet his expectations.  When you stumbled, he comforted with unconditional positive regard.  A huge man with an inspirational heart and amazing intellect….he created and led the College of Education at Sacred Heart University.” 

We owe Ed Malin our thanks for his contributions over the course of his nearly half century of service to Sacred Heart University. Forever in our hearts, Ed, thank you. 

Ed is survived by his wife, Judy, son, Chip and wife, Wendy, their children Nesa Ryan, McCaye and Cecilia; son, Sean, Tiffay and their children, Gaia, Zoe and Biodhi; son, Ryan and their children, Eleanor, Grace, Eve and recent arrival, Bryson Edward; his mother, Gertrude; sisters Jeanne and Mary Ann, brother Bill and Aunt Eleanor.

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