Educator's Alumni Group Planned; Inaugural Awards Handed Out

We are excited to announce that in partnership with the Alumni Association, we have started to form a dedicated alumni group for educators. You can access our web page at
Even though we are still in the planning stages for our alumni group, we are pleased to announce the recipients of our inaugural SHU Educators’ Alumni Association Awards:  
• Outstanding Educator Award—Christopher Carr 
Michael F. Giarratano, chair of the Teacher Education department, nominated Carr for his exemplary character and superior leadership qualities. Carr came to Sacred Heart in 2006 and began his journey towards a career in politics or business as a political science major. In January of 2010, he volunteered for a Habitat for Humanity trip to Mississippi. Many hours were spent working and discussing careers. During that trip, he visited an elementary school in Ocean Springs and spent the day there working with the staff and students. On the way back, Carr noted that he was very impressed with the faculty and he felt strongly that he could be a successful teacher and make a difference in children’s lives. He immediately enrolled in the College of Education and completed his elementary certification and his master’s degree.
In 2012, Carr’s first teaching assignment was in a Trumbull kindergarten. There he developed and implemented many innovations and created Literacy Centers for his young students. The following year, he was hired as a full-time second grade teacher at Roger Sherman Elementary in Fairfield. Here he has quickly established himself as an energetic, student-centered professional. He differentiates his lessons for students of all levels and abilities, has incorporated technology within the classroom based on the CCSS and has established a strong rapport with students, parents, and colleagues. 
He is a highly competent, cooperative and enthusiastic teacher. He works collaboratively with his fellow educators and is very positive and proactive. He constantly strives to implement the concepts he learned at SHU whenever he works with students. He understands that all students learn differently and works hard to meet their needs. And, he possesses the essential qualities of intelligence, warmth, sensitivity and dedication. His professional skills and personal attributes will quickly make him a master teacher and a huge asset to his school. Congratulations! 
• Outstanding Administrator Award—Anthony Hibbert
Ed Dabb, superintendent in Regional School District No. 6, nominated Anthony Hibbert, principal at the Warren School, for the Outstanding Administrator’s award. Hibbert graduated from Sacred Heart in 2004, having earned his 6th year degree. At his graduation exercise, Hibbert was awarded a certificate for Outstanding Administrative Practicum in Education. Hibbert has worked in Regional School District No. 6 for the past nine years, serving as teacher, assistant principal, and interim high school principal, and has jointly held the position of curriculum coordinator and Warren School principal for the past five years. 
Under Hibbert’s leadership, Warren School was named by the State of Connecticut as a School of Distinction for its high academic achievement. Warren School has received annual recognition for being among the top-performing schools in the Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge. 
Hibbert has created a positive school climate with staff and students—a conclusion that is supported by staff and student surveys where 90 percent of staff and 88 percent of students responded favorably to their respective surveys. Hibbert has led an open campaign to turn the school from a fortress school to a partnership school with 100 percent of parents reporting feeling welcome at school, and 89 percent stating that the school offers many opportunities for parent involvement. Student outcomes have also soared during his tenure at Warren School. On the most recent assessments, 80 percent of Warren students scored at or above the 50th percentile. Congratulations!