Undergraduate Course Descriptions

ED 300 Educational Psychology     3 CR
Course considers the application of psychological principles to educational theory and practice. Candidates explore the many ways of thinking about knowledge, teaching and learning. Major theories of learning and development are introduced and consistent themes and concepts identified. (Previously ED 101).

ED 302 Education in the United States     3 CR
Discusses current issues in education, explores their historical and philosophical roots and critically examines possibilities for the future of education. (Previously ED 152).

ED 301 Introduction to Exceptionalities     3 CR
Focuses on identification of exceptional students as well as methods of meeting their educational needs in regular and special classroom settings. Exceptionalities studied include all areas identified by national and state mandates. (Previously ED 205).

ED 404/ED 405 Classroom Management (Elementary/Secondary)     3 CR
Presents teaching strategies for discipline and management in the classroom. Candidates learn practical approaches for the establishment of routines and codes of conduct. Group dynamics; assertive discipline; conflict resolution; and the legal rights of teachers, parents and students in Connecticut are examined. (Previously ED 207)

ED 304 Multicultural Education     3 CR
This course is designed to foster understanding of ethnicities through literature and storytelling. Candidates attain problem-solving and listening skills necessary for attitudinal changes for appreciation of diversity. Group process activities are presented to help students understand biases and stereotypical assumptions, and how these affect decisions in the classroom. Portions of this course are experiential. There is a 10-hour service-learning requirement. (Previously 229).

ED 401 Educational Technology     3 CR
Investigates the use of computers in the classroom and how to operate an instructional computer (programming not included). Commercial software is demonstrated and criteria for the evaluation of educational software discussed. (Previously ED 271).

ED 402 Societal Issues in Adolescence     3 CR
Focuses on the current school and community responses to problems such as substance abuse, AIDS, gender issues, etc. Through classroom presentations, speakers and audiovisual materials, candidates gain practical insight and understanding of contemporary issues in adolescent life. (Previously ED 272).

ED 403 Children's Literature     3 CR
Examines a variety of children's literature to cultivate interest in books and develop methods for incorporating literature into classroom experiences. Criteria for selecting children's books are included. Multicultural literature and the dramatic arts are emphasized. (Previously ED 387).