Certification Process

3 √ Certification Process

This site is designed for those seeking a certification in Teacher Education, Literacy, Educational Leadership and Speech-Language Pathology. There is a wealth of resources on this page. When your packet is complete, submit your documentation to the contact person for your department:

Upon providing your contact person with your information, they will present it to the department chair, as you follow the 3 √ Certification Process. The process involves your administrator, SHU Certification Officer, and the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) to verify that the appropriate requirements have been met before you are granted certification. It typically takes up to a month. 

For the first √ the contact person who has reviewed your paperwork will submit it to the chair on your behalf (Mike Giarratano for Teacher Education, Dr. Randall Glading for Education Leadership and Literacy, Dr. Karen Christensen for the Griswold campus and Dr. Rhea Paul for Speech-Language Pathology). Upon successful review by the administrator, the packet will be sent back to the contact person.

The second √ involves review by the SHU Certification Officer (i.e., Dr. Mary Yakimowski). The Certification Officer will determine if the packet is complete or let your contact person know what is missing.If ready to go forward, your contact person will contact you regarding your forms that have been signed and sealed by the Certification Officer. You may then pick it up and forward it to the CSDE. CSDE officials then provide the third √. With this 3 √ Certification Process, the CSDE will send you your certification.

SHU Program-Specific Information on Certification