Faculty & Staff

Director of the Thomas More Honors Program

Andrew Lazowski, Ph.D.Dr. Andrew Lazowski is an associate professor of mathematics.  He received his B.S. from Hofstra University and his Ph.D. from Wesleyan University. Since joining Sacred Heart in 2010, Andrew has built a great rapport with students. He has advised several student organizations and won the Dr. Marian Calabrese Outstanding Faculty Award. While keeping up with his mathematical research, he also collaborates with colleagues from other disciplines on education. As the director of the honors program, he will support and advocate for honors students while enhancing it through innovative teaching practices.   

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Director of the Honors Living and Learning Community

Kenneth Knies, Ph.D.Dr. Kenneth Knies, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, was born and raised in New York City, and did his undergraduate work at Brown University. After a year-long stint in the Social and Political Thought program at Sussex University in England, he decided to pursue a doctorate in philosophy, which he received from Stony Brook University in 2010. Before joining the Sacred Heart faculty in 2011, Dr. Knies spent several years between Cologne, Germany and Leuven, Belgium tracking down Edmund Husserl’s philosophy. Courses that he regularly offers include: Introduction to Philosophical Problems; Introduction to Phenomenology; Existentialism; Philosophical Psychology; Philosophy of Knowledge. Dr. Knies’ primary research focus is phenomenology. He is currently working on a book-length study of the relationship between transcendental and historical reflection in Husserl’s Crisis, as well as a shorter study on the nature of presuppositions. He also has interests in ancient philosophy and the differing approaches to transcendental subjectivity in the modern tradition. In addition to his responsibilities as Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Dr. Knies also serves as co-Program Director of the Great Challenges Minor: Scientific Literacy in the 21st Century. As director of the Honors LLC, Dr. Knies looks forward to cultivating an intellectual climate in which students are encouraged to discover new interests and develop their capacity to appreciate, critique and shape our cultural world.

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Honors Administrative Assistant

Christine McMahonMs. Christine McMahon will be joining the Honors Program as Honors Administrative Assistant. Ms. McMahon is currently and has been the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Dean of Arts & Sciences for over seven years. Much of her time has been dedicated to the organization, management, and processing of all entering Freshmen and continues with students considering and declaring their majors. Ms. McMahon looks forward to working with the Honors Team.

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The faculty members who teach in the Honors Program represent diverse disciplines in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and health sciences. Each semester the slate of honors faculty members and the specific set of honors courses offered vary, depending on curricular and departmental needs.

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  • Steven Michels