Entering Honors Program Fall 2015 & later

24 credits total*

  • Honors freshman seminar (1st semester), 3 CR
  • Honors Foundational core course (e.g., HI101, or EN1xx, etc.; 2nd semester), 3 CR
  • Honors CIT seminar 1 (3rd semester), 3 CR
  • Honors CIT seminar 2 (4th semester), 3 CR
  • Two Honors upper-level electives (any time), 6 CR
  • Honors capstone (6th semester, or earlier/later depending on student’s academic program), 3 CR

Entering Honors Program Fall 2011 - Spring 2015

24 credits total*

  • Freshman Honors Seminar  3 CR
  • CC101-CC104, Honors  12 CR
  • 3 Honors Electives  9 CR

*Students who enter the Honors Program at the start of sophomore year need not take Honors versions of CC101 or 102, but they are still required to complete 24 Honors credits, including: honors CC103, honors CC104, six honors electives.

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Honors Freshman Seminar

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