Academic Requirements

I. Courses

II. Honors Capstone Project and Presentation

  • The capstone experience consists of a student-directed research or creative project during the senior year that allows the student to deeply interrogate an area of interest either within or outside the major.  
  • Most majors already have capstone course requirements, so Honors students are strongly advised to follow this route as the capstone course would satisfy both major and Honors requirements. Alternatively, an Honors student may design a unique interdisciplinary project that draws from a topic explored in a previous Honors course and that now can be studied in greater depth. In such cases, the student should consult the Honors Director and a faculty mentor for guidance in designing an independent study that will satisfy the capstone requirement.  
  • Each student will work with a faculty mentor who will help the student design and execute his/her senior capstone project. By April 1 of their junior year, Honors students will submit to the Honors Director a 1-2 page proposal, approved by the faculty mentor, which outlines their project. The Honors Program committee will review the capstone proposals and submit their recommendations by April 21. 
  • By the end of their senior year and with the approval of the faculty mentor, students will produce a major paper or other significant artifact to substantiate their projects. At the end of the senior year, honors students will present the results of their capstone experience in a public forum at Sacred Heart, in a manner that is consistent with their fields of inquiry.

III. Maintenance of a Minimum Cumulative GPA

All students are expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.200 in order to remain active in the Program. If a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.200 but is at least 2.700, then the student is placed on probation for one semester. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.700 are subject to permanent dismissal from the Honors Program without a probationary period.

IV. Honors Residential Life

With the exception of commuters, all incoming freshmen are required to share living quarters with other Honors freshmen in the Honors Living and Learning Community (Honors LLC) in Roncalli Hall. Roncalli Hall boasts newly-renovated Honors study and lounge spaces, state-of-the-art media equipment for use in co-curricular and social activities, better facilities and rooms, and a quieter environment than those found in other freshmen dorms. Living in Roncalli Hall is a distinctive privilege reserved for only the very best freshmen at Sacred Heart!

As sophomores, Honors students are given the option of living in the Honors LLC with honors roommates of their choice in a campus residence for upperclassmen (TBD). Again, these residential facilities will be designed to improve the living and learning experience for our Honors students.

V. Participation in Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Events

The Honors Program sponsors many activities throughout the academic year that foster connections between honors courses, productive interactions among Honors students and with Honors faculty, and the integration of living and learning environments. At local and regional venues such as New Haven, Fairfield, New York City and Boston, students can attend cultural events such as operas, concerts and theater productions, or visit museums, art galleries, and historical sites. In the newly-renovated multimedia lounges in Roncalli, students can participate in faculty-led discussions of mainstream films, lectures, presentations, dinners, and social events. Because our Honors students are very gifted and diverse in their interests, and have free access to these unique privileges, we expect that they will avail themselves of these wonderful opportunities to enhance and complement their education.