Group Travel Not for Credit

Group Travel Not for Credit


To ensure the safety of faculty, staff, and students participating in official university international group travel Group Leaders must follow mandatory group travel procedures.

All Sacred Heart faculty and staff leading student groups outside the United States are required to disseminate and submit student and group leader International Non-Credit Group Travel Forms, as well as a HTHRoster_Excel.

Risk Management Forms for International Group Travel are returned to and retained by the Office of Global Affairs. Group travel is subject to review by the Office of Risk Management.  

Please allow a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to departure to complete necessary paperwork.

The Office of Global Affairs will facilitate HTH international health insurance enrollment for groups traveling abroad, as well as retain the risk management forms for each group. This group international travel policy ensures that all Sacred Heart employees and students are appropriately protected when traveling abroad, which is consistent with the university policy on international travel and risk management.

The policy also helps the University report international group travel accurately to our insurance carriers and provides the University the ability to contact travelers in the event of an emergency situation abroad.