Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision


The mission of Sacred Heart University includes, "preparing men and women to live in and make their contributions to the human community [by being] responsive to social and civic obligations and able to respond to an ever-changing world," which necessitates that the University takes an active role in creating and sustaining university-wide internationalization. Comprehensive Internationalization “is a strategic, coordinated process that seeks to align and integrate policies, programs, and initiatives to universities as more globally oriented and internationally connected institutions.”

The Office of Global Affairs supports university-wide internationalization by:

  • Increasing awareness of and support services for campus-wide internationalization, as well as by building global awareness and engagement throughout the university;
  • Infusing global and diverse perspectives throughout the curriculum and connect internationalization to High Impact Practices;
  • Growing opportunities for faculty development, research, and exchange abroad through an expanded partnership network with institutions abroad;
  • Developing and upholding international policies and procedures which minimize risks and promote excellence.

The Office of Global Affairs supports study abroad programming by:

  • Identifying, developing, nurturing, and reviewing diverse and academically-based international programs, both faculty-led and affiliation agreements with a commitment to quality, safety, affordability and accessibility;
  • Advocating and collaborating on a multidisciplinary level to convey the importance of study abroad and the integration of curriculum;
  • Appropriately advising students to maximize the study abroad experience — before, during and after the term abroad — and develop the habits of mind, heart, and spirit that will prepare students to engage purposefully in a global world.

The Office of Global Affairs supports English Language Learners by:

  • Providing proficiency testing to all non-native English speakers who apply to Sacred Heart University 
  • Advising and registering students in ESL classes 
  • Providing support services such as tutoring, conversation partnering, and assessment