About the Office of Global Affairs

About the Office of Global Affairs


The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) supports study abroad programming and comprehensive campus internationalization.

Emergency Contact Information

During standard business hours, Monday - Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM, please call the Office of Global Affairs at 1-203-396-8028 (or 8022). To report an emergency during non-business hours, please call the SHU Department of Public Safety at 203-371-7911. 
Unit Description
The mission of Sacred Heart University includes, "preparing men and women to live in and make their contributions to the human community [by being] responsive to social and civic obligations and able to respond to an ever-changing world," which necessitates that the University takes an active role in creating and sustaining university-wide internationalization.  Comprehensive Internationalization “is a strategic, coordinated process that seeks to align and integrate policies, programs, and initiatives to universities as more globally oriented and internationally connected institutions.”
The Office of Global Affairs supports university-wide internationalization by:
  • Increasing awareness of and support services for campus-wide internationalization, as well as by building global awareness and engagement throughout the university;
  • Infusing global and diverse perspectives throughout the curriculum and connect internationalization to High Impact Practices;
  • Growing opportunities for faculty development, research, and exchange abroad through an expanded partnership network with institutions abroad;
  • Developing and upholding international policies and procedures which minimize risks and promote excellence.
Study Abroad Programming
The Office of Global Affairs (OGA) offers a variety of opportunities around the world for SHU and visiting students — with programming that supports a broad range of educational, professional, and personal objectives.  
If you have any questions about our programs or studying abroad, please do not hesitate to contact the office. Our advisors have traveled widely and can gladly share with you information and advice about traveling, academics, and adjusting to different ways of life. We enjoy sharing our experiences with you.
  • The OGA offers more than 100 programs in over 30 countries;
  • Students may spend a semester, a year, a month, or two weeks abroad earning academic credit and gaining the kind of knowledge that only a study abroad experience can provide;
  • Courses completed on a SHU study abroad program may fulfill general education, elective, or major/minor credits, enabling students, regardless of academic plan, to study abroad and graduate according to their individual schedules.

The Office of Global Affairs supports study abroad programming by:

  • Identifying, developing, nurturing, and reviewing diverse and academically-based international programs, both faculty-led and affiliation agreements with a commitment to quality, safety, affordability and accessibility;
  • Advocating and collaborating on a multidisciplinary level to convey the importance of study abroad and the integration of curriculum;
  • Appropriately advising students to maximize the study abroad experience — before, during and after the term abroad — and develop the habits of mind, heart, and spirit that will prepare students to engage purposefully in a global world.