Student Visas

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The Intensive English Language Program is authorized to issue the I-20 Form that a student needs to obtain an F-1 student visa for full time study.

All students need to fill out and submit the following:

If you are changing your Visa status:

If you are transferring from another school:

Submit the completed forms with a copy of your passport to us either by email to or by mail to Sacred Heart University, 5151 Park Avenue, Fairfield, CT 06825. Attn: Maria Douich, ESL Coordinator, English Language Institute. All International Students are required to meet with the Director in person or via Skype (esl.sacred.heart) prior to class registration.

Once all forms are completed and paperwork is submitted to us, it will take up to 3 weeks to issue a student visa. A student can only enter The United States on a student visa, 30 days before the start of class.

According to the regulations of the United States government, students who attend university on a student visa, are required to be enrolled in the program full time. Full time is 18 hours in the semi-intensive program or 23 hours in the intensive program. Students who are attending university on a student visa are not permitted to work.

For information regarding maintaining F-1 Visa Status, visit our International Student Services website.