Online ESL Registration

To Register for ESL Online:

Follow these easy steps to apply to the ESL Online program:

  1. Request the Placement Test
    Before you register, you must take the online placement test. To take the placement test you must fill out the Online Inquiry Form.

    After you fill out the Online Inquiry Form, you will receive instructions on how to pay the $40 testing fee and access the Online Placement Test.

  2. Receive an Enrollment Email
    After you take the placement test, you will receive an enrollment email with your program level, enrollment instructions and a student ID, which you will use to register for the program. You will receive this email within 24 hours of completing your placement test.

  3. Complete the Enrollment Form
    Complete the Enrollment Form when you are ready to register for your program. There will be a link to the Enrollment Form in your enrollment email.

  4. Pay the Application Fee and the Tuition Fee
    You will also receive links to pay the application fee and the tuition fee in your enrollment email. These fees are to be paid by credit card. You must use your STUDENT ID number when paying the fees.

  5. Complete your Enrollment
    Once your registration and application fees are processed, you will receive an enrollment confirmation by email and instructions for starting your coursework.