Vincent Baldassano, Alexandre’s Ragtime Band, #1

The Collection and The Human Journey

What does it mean to be human?

Vincent Baldassano,
Alexandre’s Ragtime Band, #1
Gift of the Artist
(Located at HC stairwell, Academic Center, near the bookstore)

With Alexandre’s Ragtime Band #1, Connecticut artist Vincent Baldassano explores his state of mind following the birth of his son. The celebratory rush of emotion that accompanied Baldassano’s entrance to fatherhood is vividly communicated in this highly energized composition of brilliant colors and dynamic shapes. Baldassano wanted his large canvas to “overwhelm” viewers taking them on “a visual journey” across its surface.

This painting commemorates an especially important juncture in Baldassano’s long career and he still regards it one of his more significant works. There are approximately 12 paintings in the Alexandre series, but this was the first and marked a meaningful change in his painting style as well as his life.

Anne Bolin, Ph.D.
Department of Graphic Design & Visual Arts