Judith Steinberg, In Blue Water

The Collection and The Human Journey

What does it mean to understand and appreciate the natural world?

Judith Steinberg, In Blue Water
Gift of the Artist
(Located at the SC Wing, near the cashier’s window)
Judith Steinberg's collage In Blue Water encourages us all to stop and consider how the ocean appears to those who live there. Swirling sand and water, waves of bubbles, shimmers of light, birds soaring and bobbing above, crabs crawling below – a colorful, energetic world where nothing stays in the same place very long. A place where, as Steinberg has noted, “order and chaos exist simultaneously.” Steinberg believes that “trying to ‘understand the natural world’ is one of our major jobs from the moment we enter it,” and she believes it was probably one of the reasons she became an artist.

Steinberg, who also created the large commissioned sculpture Links located next to the Christian Witness Commons, gave In Blue Water to Sacred Heart in appreciation for the school’s interest in and support of her work.

Anne Bolin, Ph.D.
Department of Graphic Design & Visual Arts