Why Attend?

The conference will bring together scholars and practitioners in a variety of fields to reflect on the environment of the west of Ireland. The conference welcomes all scholars to join in a discussion of how to understand and sustain a healthy environment. It will highlight the environment and ecology broadly considered, including the physical places of marine-coastal waters (fish & flora), geography, land & geology, as well as the meaning of place in history, literature and poetry, culture and society, and spirituality.

The conference will highlight the new collaboration “Project Draíocht” and the “Atlantic Academic Hub” in Dingle between Sacred Heart University, University College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology, and the Institute of Technology Tralee, together with SHU’s partnership with Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium/Mara Beo Teo.

Conference Highlights

  • Plenary/Keynote speaker: Dr. Poul Holm, Professor of Environmental History, Trinity College, Dublin; President of the European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Multidisciplinary papers addressing sea, land, and spirit from the physical and natural sciences and humanities and social sciences.

  • Interaction between scholars & leaders and practitioners in coastal environments (government and non-governmental organizations)

  • Opportunities to experience field trips on sea & land in the environment of the Dingle peninsula (Tuesday Blasket Centre and Wednesday field trips).

  • Artistic and musical expressions throughout the conference.

  • Wednesday night banquet at the Ballintaggart House.

Committee Members

Sacred Heart University


Conference Sponsors

We would like the thank the Marine Institute, of Rinville, Oranmore, County Galway, Ireland, for their generous financial support for the conference. The Marine Institute was set up under the Marine Institute Act 1991: “to undertake, to coordinate, to promote and to assist in marine research and development and to provide such services related to research and development, that in the opinion of the Institute, will promote economic development and create employment and protect the marine environment.”

The Marine Institute has promoted a healthy marine environment through its programme “Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth – An Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland” (July 2012), which set out a roadmap to enable Ireland’s marine potential to be realised through a co-ordinated system of Government policy and programme planning. The Vision and Goals are: “Our ocean wealth will be a key element of our economic recovery and sustainable growth, generating benefits for all our citizens, supported by coherent policy, planning and regulation and managed in an integrated manner.”

The Sea, Land, and Spirit conference was able to apply with support for the organisation of National/International Marine Conferences or workshops held in Ireland. This award is open to all legal entities on the island of Ireland with the appropriate scientific and technical qualifications and expertise to host a marine-themed Conference.