Sea, Land, and Spirit

Coastal Environment in the West of Ireland
Conference in Dingle, Ireland: June 5 - 8, 2017

A Multi-Disciplinary Conference
in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Join us at this gathering of scholars and practitioners from a variety of fields to reflect on the coastal environment of the west of Ireland. The conference will offer a multi-disciplinary forum for scholars who have a primary interest in the coastal environment as a shared national treasure to come together to increase their understanding, and to offer ideas and best practices to sustain the coasts for future generations. Panel presentations will be held on the natural sciences along with panels on humanities and social sciences to understand the past relationship with the environment, as well as more recent and future changes. Other topics include the effects of tourism and industry, and the human imagination and experience. The conference will also invite participation from leaders and practitioners to discuss current projects and opportunities.

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