What Our Students are Saying

Our SHU Nursing students were interviewed by ValuePenguin.com.
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Pat Ferencz

Pat Ferencz, MSN Student

Pat Ferencz is a Masters of Science in Nursing graduate (Clinical Nurse Leader specialization) from Sacred Heart University. She graduated in December of 2014. 

"I investigated several other online MSN programs before deciding on Sacred Heart.  One of the deciding factors for me was the availability to earn my MSN as a Clinical Nurse Leader.  This degree track combines my love of bedside nursing and education along with my desire to advance in an administrative capacity.  Another important factor in my choice was the school's Catholic identity." 

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Sheri Cosme

Sheri Cosme, DNP Student

Sheri is in her final year of the Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Healthcare Leadership at Sacred Heart University. She is slated to graduate in May of 2016.

"I have loved every minute of my experience at SHU so far. They have encouraged me to grow, challenge myself, and test my ability during every course. I have appreciated being part of their global health mission projects by going on mission trips to Kingston, Jamaica with the undergraduate and graduate student, faculty and healthcare team."

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Cory RiveraCory Rivera, BSN Student

Cory Rivera is a Nursing major, with a minor in Spanish. After completion of the nursing program at Sacred Heart University in 2016, he will receive his Bachelors of Science degree in the field.

"My experience in nursing at Sacred Heart University has been nothing shy of incredible. I have had the chance to learn and apply a plethora of nursing knowledge and skill throughout the many courses and clinical experiences offered through the nursing program at Sacred Heart."

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Alison DeStasio
Allison DiStasio, BSN Student

Allison DiStasio is a Nursing student at Sacred Heart University. She is working towards her Bachelor of Science degree and will be graduating in May of 2016.

"At Sacred Heart, we integrate a lot of different sub-sets of nursing into our curriculum, such as cultural diversity and evidence based practice, and there is also a large focus on service learning and study abroad. I believe this allows us to become more well-rounded as both students and future-nurses in our communities."

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Kiandra Dixon
Kiandra Dixon, RN, BSN Student

Kiandra Dixon is a nursing major, R.N. BSN, graduating tentatively in May, 2016 from Sacred Heart University.

"The professors are incredibly supportive and go far and beyond their duties to ensure that you are learning the best and performing at your maximum potential.  From the lectures and SIMULATION LAB all the way down to clinicals, our professors are laying down the foundation needed to help their nursing students' be able to think critically, holistically, and with the patient's best interests in mind."

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