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Health Clearance

Now that you have been accepted into our DNP program, there are a couple of important action items that need to be completed no later than August 15, 2017.

  1. Submit for a criminal background check with our vendor Castlebranch using package code: RW07bg
  2. Create a Medical Document Manager account with using package code: RW07im
  3. The completed Castlebranch physical form needs to be both uploaded to your Castlebranch account and also to your SHU Student Health Services Portal Account

Please note that in order for the university to comply with Connecticut State Law regarding student immunizations, you are required to have your physician complete the Health Clearance Form. The following form can be downloaded from once you have ordered your Medical Document Manager account. Follow the below steps to order both packages (criminal background check & medical document manager)

Health Clearance Form

All nursing students (undergraduate and graduate) are required to create a Medical Document Manager account. Students will not be allowed to participate in any clinical coursework without a compliant Medical Document Manager Account.

Please follow the directions below:

  • Step 1

    Log onto

  • Step 2

    Select Place Order


  • Step 3

    Enter package code RW07im for Medical Document Manager Account (this package code is for our DNP students only!)

    If you are a graduate from another SHU nursing program, you do not need to create a new account. Please keep previous account compliant and still upload completed Physical Form to SHU Student Health Services Portal Account!

    CastleBranch DNP Code

  • Step 4

    Once account is created, upload required documents onto your profile.

    IMPORTANT: After submission of documents, you will need to review your account for compliance. (compliance is indicated with a green checkmark)

  • Step 5

    Once your account is completed and marked compliant, you must submit a copy of the completed Health Clearance Form only (signed by your physician) to your SHU Student Health Services Portal Account.



Your Medical Document Manager must be kept compliant throughout your nursing studies. For example, the following are required annually: health clearance form, influenza vaccine, and TB screening.