Advanced Graduate Certificate in Nursing Management & Executive Leadership

Leading the Heart of Health Care

How will this certificate help you achieve your professional goals?

Nursing ManagementIs your goal to become a nurse leader either in a hospital or other health care setting? The Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Nursing Management & Executive Leadership will enable you to become a nurse leader either in a hospital, medical center or other health care setting.

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Why SHU?

The Sacred Heart University (SHU) College of Nursing Advanced Graduate Certificate Program in Nursing Management & Executive Leadership is targeted toward those students who wish to move into administrative positions in health care organizations. The role of leadership in organizing and delivering high-quality health care is more important today than ever before. SHU’s Advanced Graduate Certificate Program will compliment your clinical expertise with the latest leadership theories and strategies essential to the development of your role as a nurse leader.

What are the program requirements?

  • All course work can be completed online which provides greater flexibility and less disruption to your personal and employment obligations.
  • Courses are 8 weeks in length and are offered on an ongoing basis.
  • No practicum or clinical hours are required. Students are encouraged to select a mentor to enhance discussions.

What are the certification requirements?

The certificate will be awarded upon completion of 12 credit hours. No clinical hours are required.

NU 617 Health Care Delivery Systems     3 CR
This course focuses on the current health care delivery system and the impact on patient care. An evaluation of the health care delivery systems will incorporate the impact of social issues, economics, politics, culture, education and technology on the health care system. Past, future and contemporary trends in health care delivery will be incorporated into the analysis of organizational micro and macro systems.

NU 511 Role Development for Nursing Management and Executive Leadership     3 CR
This course introduces the student to contemporary theories of leadership, change, complexity science and organizational structure and design. The underlying framework of the course is transformational leadership and complexity science. Concepts covered include: the clinical microsystems, nursing care innovations, strategic planning and change. Students will be introduced to the concept of evidence based management and encouraged to support their ideas with evidence. Students will complete an assessment of their leadership strengths and weaknesses and develop a professional leadership plan which will guide their progress throughout the rest of the program.

NU 576 Management of Financial Resources     3 CR
This course explores the building blocks that are utilized to develop sound financial projections as well as, provides an overview of the budgeting process in the health care setting. Also, the course reviews and explores the health care system and the multiple payers and their impact on the financial picture of health care organizations. Emphasis is on the ability to utilize information systems in the development and ongoing analysis of financial data.

NU665 Quality and Safety in Practice     3 CR
During this course, the students will proceed in a step by step progression through the continuous quality improvement (CQI) process. This approach prepares the student with the necessary skills to complete a CQI project. The student will review the historical background and theory of quality improvement and apply it to the current health care environment. After a review of the national and regulatory issues of patient safety, the student will identify one issue to use in the course to apply CQI methods.

What is the admission criteria?

  • Master’s degree in Nursing or related field with a GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • All official transcripts
  • Licensed as a registered nurse
  • Current malpractice insurance
  • One professional reference
  • Application processing fee $25
  • Application Form

For more information or to apply, contact:

Elizabeth Potenza
College of Nursing
Tel: 203-416-3937