Service to Community

The expertise and interests of our faculty and students allow the College to implement several initiatives that will enrich our academic programs, enhance our global, national, and regional reputation and provide opportunities to carry out the scholarship, community outreach, and service aspects of its mission.

Community Health and Wellness
Faculty, staff, and students engaged in contemporary practice will offer an integrated set of interprofessional and single discipline health services to the university and the broader community. These services will model excellence in health care through evidence-based practices and will be intentional as part of community-based learning experiences for our students and as part of our roles as professionals for our faculty and staff.

Underserved Populations
Faculty and students of the college participate in service activities that advance the mission of the university and the college in local, regional, national and international communities.  These activities promote excellence in professional and interprofessional education, social justice, and the dignity and well-being of the people we serve.

Professional Development
College offerings for professional development will take place at different sites dependent upon need and demand. In-service programs will include continuing education and career advancement opportunities for individuals as well as programs that benefit our institutional community partners.