Degree Requirements

Foundational Courses

Course Course Prerequisite Subject Area Semester Hours
e.g., BI 103, BI 111 Biological Sciences 3
e.g., PY 103 Physical Sciences 3
e.g., MA 131 Statistics 3
e.g., PS 110, PS 252 (required) Social/Behavioral Sciences 6

Required Courses for Minor*

Course Number Course Subject Area Semester Hours
SLP 200 Introduction to Communication Disorders 3
SLP 210 Phonetics 3
SLP 300 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Swallowing 3
SLP 320 Speech Science 3
SLP 330 Development of Language 3
SLP 350 Introduction to Clinical Methods and Observation 3

*Listed courses are required for Minor concentration; however, SLP 310 and SLP 340 are needed for admission to graduate SLP programs; ED courses are required for Certification to work in CT public schools as an SLP

Courses Required for SLP Grad School Entry; ED courses required for CT Teacher Certification

Course Course Prerequisite Subject Area Semester Hours
ED 302/552 Education in the U.S. 3
ED 301/569 Introduction to Exceptionalities 3
SLP 310 Introduction to Audiology and Hearing Science 3
SLP 340 Neurological Basis of Communication and Swallowing 3

Students who wish to practice as Speech-Language Pathologists will need to:

  • Complete all undergraduate prerequisites, or their equivalents, including 25 hours of observation of ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologists’ practice
  • Complete a Master’s degree in SLP. Graduate study in SLP requires two calendar years, including 1-2 summers, of graduate level coursework and 400 hours of supervised clinical practicum, all of which will be provided as part of SHU’s graduate program.