Student Resources

Complaints Against the Program that Fall Outside Due Process

The faculty and staff of the Master of Public Health Program strive to demonstrate a high level of ethical values and professionalism in all its activities.  In some cases, a situation may generate complaint for which no formal grievance process exists.  The complaint should be written, signed, include details about the complaint and documented evidence and mailed to:

Program Director, Master of Public Health
Sacred Heart University
5151 Park Avenue
Fairfield, CT 06825

Please include contact information so the Program Director can reach you in order to resolve the complaint.

The following outlines the process for handling a complaint against the Program:

When possible, the Program Director will discuss the complaint directly with the party involved within 14 business days.  The expectation is that the complaint can be satisfactorily resolved by this discussion.  The Program Director will provide a written description of the resolution to the person complaining.

If dissatisfied with the outcome of the discussion with the Program Director, or if the complaint is against the Program Director, the complainant may submit a written complaint to the Dean, College of Health Professions.  The Program Director will provide the Dean with a written summary of previous discussions where applicable. The Dean will discuss the matter with the Program Director and complainant separately and may schedule a joint appointment or conference call with the Program Director and complainant in attempt to reach a solution.  The Dean will provide the complainant and the Program Director with a written letter outlining the solution reached through this step.

If the complainant remains dissatisfied after step two, the last line of complaint is to the Provost, who serves as the chief academic officer of Sacred Heart University.

Any letters or documentation associated with the complaint from the complainant, the Program Director, Dean, or Provost will be kept in a folder marked “Complaints against the Master of Public Health Program” kept in the program’s files for a period of five years.