Accelerated Bachelor's to MPH Program

Students interested in pursuing a Master of Public Health degree can choose any undergraduate academic major. Sacred Heart University offers undergraduates the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree and a Master of Public Health degree within 5 years. The ability to take advantage of the 3+2 option (3 years of undergraduate course work and 2 years of graduate course work) is available only to students who choose an undergraduate major in Exercise Science, Health Science, or Psychology. The suggested plans of study for students choosing the accelerated program as Exercise Science, Health Science, or Psychology undergraduate majors are included below. Students choosing a 3+2 option must work carefully with their undergraduate advisor to follow a specific sequence of study. Please note that some summer work is required for this 3+2 option. With appropriate planning, summer course work may be completed at other universities offering equivalent courses.

For more information on the five year BS/MPH accelerated degree program, contact Eva Magnuson at 203-371-7884 or

Sequence of Study