Outcomes and Assessment

Mission Statement for the Health Science Program

The Health Science Program is based on a solid liberal arts and science education designed to foster development of human values, effective interpersonal skills and scientific foundation for the major area of study. The Health Science curriculum values inter-professional education and provides the student with a sound base for graduate education and career advancement in allied health related fields. The program works to foster the student’s ability to critically think, analyze information and communicate both in an informed and effective manner. By providing a solid foundation of healthcare related coursework, we are preparing our students to address the myriad challenges and ethical dilemmas faced daily on the individual patient, local program, and national and global policy levels in today’s health care arenas.

Student Learning Outcomes for the Health Science Program 

  1. Evaluate trends in healthcare, healthcare systems, policy, and environments.
  2. Apply advocacy skills to minimize inequities in access to healthcare.
  3. Demonstrate effective leadership skills to promote organizational success.
  4. Evaluate determinants of health and their effect on health inequality.
  5. Identify multicultural approaches to healthcare delivery.
  6. Synthesize the interprofessional education and practice domains including values and ethics, roles and responsibilities, interprofessional communication, and teamwork.