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Health Science Club

The Health Science Club promotes healthy living and encourages all students, staff and the greater community to take steps towards improving their health and well-being. The club hosts guest speakers, discussions, community service events and fundraisers that are all aimed towards promoting healthy lifestyles.

"I have been a part of the Health Science club every year and this club helps me learn a lot about my major, and other majors like mine. Last year, we had a lot of guest speakers that helped me learn more about what a Health Science major entails, as well as learning about Celiac disease, and what we get to do in our field. The fundraisers we get to do are awesome and I can't wait to be a part of the club again for my senior year. Every freshman should join to show how rewarding it is to be a Health Science major" -Sarah Cota Class of 2019

For more information or to join, contact:


Clotilde Dudley-Smith, Ed.D, MPA, RDH
Assistant Professor
Healthcare Education N193
Tel: 203-365-4474


Maddy Shahin 

Shannon Silva 

Health Science Club